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“The second act belongs to Rose. Troy must tell her what his inner demons have finally wrought, and the look of pure devastation on her face and the response she gives him are so true and so perfect that they reveal everything about Rose and Troy and marriage and betrayal in a matter of moments. The audience actually cheered for her, a testament to Judyann Elder’s finely honed and careful talent as well as her restraint and timing as an actress.”
-Arkansas Times

“Superb is Judyann Elder, who plays Rose with the sort of candor and chemistry that makes you think she is not acting at all, even in her weightiest scenes when she makes her wrenching pain seem real and deep.”
-The Times

“In a stage full of men, Elder brings a powdery tenderness to Rose that salvages the audience’s ability to find sympathy for Troy.”
-Arkansas Democrat Gazette
by August Wilson
Arkansas Repertory Theatre
 “Judyann Elder, as Bess, does everything the role, as written, requires and more!”
-San Francisco Examiner

“The radiant Judyann Elder traces Bess’ awakening to a last chance romance in gracefully nuanaced stages from titillation at this appearance in an undershirt to the giddy euphoria of her preparations to leave with him for the South.”
-San Francisco Chronicle

“Elder imbues the wise, even-keeled Elizabeth with cautious hope, but we can see how well she remembers disappointment. A scene as simple as Elizabeth packing a picnic basket conveys hope, joy, love, desperation, and denial all at once.”
-Metro Arts

“An eloquently nuanaced performance by Elder.”
-San Jose Mercury News
The Old Settler
by John Henry Redwood
Northern California Premiere  |  TheatreWorks
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“As Judith, Judyann Elder gives a bravura performance. With sympathy and authenticy, she explores the depth of Judith’s character – her self-assurance, her vulnerability, and the rich comic vein that gives her the strenght to endure the anxieties of her own life and those of her friends. An American Daughter is worth seeing for Elder’s performance alone.”
-Jewish Bulletin

“Elder plays Judith as more than just a smart-alecky, line-spewing sidekick. She’s an ambracable combination of resilience and vulnerability.”
-San Jose Mercury News

“Elder makes the most of Wassertein’s lines with an easy delivery that pinpoints each sardonic bombshell.”
-San Francisco Examiner

“Judyann Elder plays Judith with an easy elegance…with rapier skill. Her monologue at the end of Act I is the most emotionally evocative moment of the evening.”
-The Independent

An American Daughter
by Wendy Wasserstein
  “…A compassionate and well-defined performance by Judyann Elder.”
-Los Angeles Times

“Standout Judyann Elder doing triple duty as a sardonic madam and Joplin’s two wives, the tragic belle and long-suffering Lottie.”

“You will be astounded, absolutely blown away, by the majestically simple performance of Judyann Elder. Here is an actor called upon to change character from moment to moment, from young to old, strong to vulnerable, and Ms. Elder proceeds with grace."
-Gay & Lesbian Times

“Judyann Elder has been given one of the play’s most difficult tasks’ she plays the three women in Joplin’s life, often having to switch from one to the other in an instant. No problem for this gifted actress.”
-San Diego Reader
The Heliotrope Bouquet
by Eric Overmeyer
La Jolla Playhouse
“Jucyann Elder is sensational as Pat, her no-nonsense boss.”
-Backstage West

“Judyann Elder is a powerhouse as the senior Black editor who worked so hard to break the color barrier.”
-Event News

“She’s a smart enough actress to work nuance into the part.”

“Elder, with her defiant recollection of racial bias, comes through clearly and persuasively.”
-LA Weekly

“…a dynamic performance by Judyann Elder.”
-KABC Radio, 790 AM
The Story
by Tracey Scott Wilson
International City Theatre

“As Coretta Scott King, Judyann Elder, with a nice touch of humor and enormous dignity, is also extremely effective.”
-New York Times

“Elder offers a dimensioned characterization of the quietly courageous Mrs. King.”

“…this is virtually a two-character play. The role of Coretta King is…beautifully delineated by Judyann Elder.”
-Hollywood Reporter

“At the end, we have Judyann Elder, an actress of grace and force, giving Coretta King’s grieving speech about the redemptive force of her husband’s example and asking, in anguish, “How many men must die?”
-Philadelphia Inquirer

“Judyann Elder creates an engrossing portrait of Mrs. King. It is a mixture of sweet vulnerability and incredible bravery.”
-Emory Lewis, Theatre Critic

“As Coretta King, Judyann Elder is magnificent. She is attracitve in a quiet way, with a radiant personality. She seems perfectly suited to Williams’ acting, and their scenes together often surpass in quality themost obviously dramatic ones in the play.”
-Didier Delaunoy
I Have A Dream
Adapted by Josh Greenfeld
The Ambassador Theatre
Judyann Elder and Fran Bennet
The Greeks
Judyann Elder and Moses Gunn
I Have A Dream
Judyann Elder and Billy Dee Williams
I Have A Dream
Judyann Elder as Coretta Scott King
I Have A Dream